Our Philosophy and Approach

Established in 1989 by Principal Architect David W. Terpening, our firm has completed a wide range of projects throughout the San Francisco Bay area as well as completed projects outside the state such as Nevada, Montana, Idaho and Virginia. To date, we have completed over 400 separate projects for our clients. 

Our architectural work spans a wide variety of styles, ranging from the historical and classical styles of American Architecture, to interpretations of European or Asian Architecture, to the distinct style and quality of Bay Area Regional Architecture. We enjoy designing homes that follow traditional concepts and detailing, incorporate the aspects of “Bay Area Architecture” that are unique to this region, and embrace the sensibilities of current lifestyles and Bay Aarea living.

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Some key points to our experience and approach:

  • A strong knowledge of Historical American and Classical European Styles.
  • We are well-versed in all architectural styles, and have a love of architectural history.
  • We have a passion for and a unique understanding of Bay Area Architecture, the use of natural building materials, the strong relationship of building to site and the evolution of California Ranch Style.
  • Our strong commitment to site preservation and enjoyment, indoor and outdoor living, access to natural light is a key element in all our work.
  • We employ best practices and theories of strong and hierarchal building circulation.
  • Our Design Process is a process of discovery and is true collaboration between the client, the architect, the design consultants and builder.
  • David Terpening personally does all of the design work, oversees the document production process and performs construction administration services. All meetings are attended by David. Clients have direct contact with David throughout the entire process.
  • “The house is yours': the home belongs to you, the client. It must work for your lifestyle.
  • We are known for our outstanding attention to detail and thorough approach to all phases of the process.
  • We are skilled at escorting projects through the complicated design review and permit processes, with a familiarity with most local city and town requirements.
  • The process should be a fun and an educational one. We try to offer the you options from which to choose and the design evolves. Quality and Budget.
  • We listen carefully and are skilled in asking the right questions and finding the right answers.
  • We are an advocate for you during the construction process.